SAS Sharks

SAS Sharks cap 1 
 This programme has become a firm favourite in our portfolio of activities, and has expanded over recent years due to its popularity!

SAS sharks is a youth swimming session, where children can develop their swimming skills, techniques, and improve their confidence in the water, under the guidance of qualified and experienced coaches, run at the Victoria Leisure centre in Sneinton. Through the programme, we also encourage children to attend public swimming sessions by removing barriers such as cost, transport, and the support of a qualified instructor, to go in the pool with the children.

For children that show talent and ability, we signpost them to established swimming clubs where their skills can be further nurtured and developed.

 Our results and feedback speak for themselves:

Case Study –When H, aged 12 ,first attended the SAS Sharks, he was not a confident swimmer; he lacked self-confidence and self-belief. His first 2 swimming sessions involved the coach walking up and down the pool with him, he stopped numerous times before reaching the end. Over the next 6 weeks the coach worked with H, building his confidence, developing his swimming technique and breathing. After just 8 weeks H was able to swim 850m in 40 minutes!!

“She can’t wait for the next session, she gets her kit ready days in advance!” -  Parent of SAS sharks participant

“I love swimming with Chan, it’s fun and we have a laugh learning to swim.” - Participant aged 10

SAS Sharks is open to all children aged between 8 and 12 that reside in the local community. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.